Sobre Masa was founded with an ambitious purpose: to promote the land, farmers and seeds of Mexico. Doing business in a responsible way that benefits the farmers above all else.

We were Mexican pastry chefs in NYC that stumbled upon problem. We couldn't find good tortillas. In pursuit of how to make the perfect tortilla, we learned not just about tortillas but about the social and economic impact that surround corn.

We started Sobre Masa to share the stories behind the diversity of Mexican corn and the people that dedicate their lives to growing it.

We believe that working with heirloom seeds will make the best tortillas and help restore the authentic flavors of Mexico

We also believe that these farmers have the right to a better life. To help solve these issues, Sobre Masa is partnering up with non- profits like Fundacion Tortilla to ensure a better life for the farmers and the protection of their seeds.