The Process

  • There are around 59 varieties of Mexican heirloom corn. At Sobre Masa we work with as many different types as possible
  • Depending on the type of corn we decide to use, our recipe needs to be adjusted. 
  • Corn is cooked with calcium hydroxide and water and left to rest overnight. This process is called nixtamalization. This step helps give our tortillas a higher nutritional value and strength. 
  • We then rinse the corn and prepare it for grinding.
  • We have a volcanic stone mill. With which we mill the corn based on the application, for example corn used for chips is usually more coarsely ground than that user for tortillas.
  • The corn is ground into masa
  • Masa is left to cool 
  • Mix it and adjust hydration.
  • Calibrate our machines.
  • Masa is rolled onto a hot comal and cooked.
  • Quality check.
  • Package and send.


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