How press a tortilla

Roll the masa into a ball, 30g is a good size. Placed the masa between the two pieces of plastic and press. Every tortilla press is a bit different so it might take a couple times until you figure out how much pressure to use for a thickness you like. I prefer them thin, similar to the thickness of a quarter.

Flip the tortilla and then give it another small press. Make sure the tortilla is even and the same thickness all around.

Remove the front plastic just to unstick it from the masa and gently place it back over the tortilla. Flip the tortilla and now fully remove the plastic that was once facing the bottom. If you are right handed, grab the tortilla from the bottom plastic and place it on your right hand. The top of the tortilla should be aligned with your index finger. Once the tortilla is hanging from your hand, remove the second plastic.

How to cook your tortillas

Place the bottom of the tortilla on the comal so you get a feeling of the landing and with one swift motion flop the tortilla onto the comal. 

Don't be discouraged if the masa breaks on you, it's hard and takes some practice.

When cooking a tortilla the most important thing to know is that the comal must be as hot as possible, at least 400 degrees. 

Cook the tortilla until it starts to change color and the edges start to curl up (it's around 15 seconds). Flip and cook the other side for about  another 30 seconds. It should start to want to puff. Flip again, the tortilla should start to puff. If it doesn't, give it a little press around the sides. The whole process should take around 11/2 to 2 minutes with a total of 3 flips. If it doesn't puff it isn't the end of the world. Make sure it's fully cooked, there is nothing worse than a raw tortilla. 

Don't worry, if they feel a little stiff when they come off the comal; place it inside a folded towel, the stack of tortillas will steam themselves and soften. 

If the tortilla sticks to the comal it’s because it is not hot enough, DON’T use oil, it will change the flavor of the masa

How to eat with a tortillas

There is a proper way to eat with a tortilla. When eating out in the villages you quickly realize that there is no spoon. The tortilla is your spoon. Tear a corner of a tortilla, about a three square inches. Pinch to the corners of the tortilla so the tortilla creces and creates a spoon like shape. Tear a second piece of tortilla to help guide food into the tortilla spoon, eat and enjoy! The piece of tortilla that was your guide will now be your new spoon. This is the most efficient way of eating so you don't just fill up on tortilla.

You can eat tortillas however you like, but if you are learning how to cook like an abuela, might as well learn how to eat like one too.

Making your tortilla puff

The puff is good because it traps steam in the center of the tortilla, helping it fully cook in the center. It also makes the tortilla more pillowy and makes you feel like a rock star.

If your tortillas are not puffing these are the most common factors that can help you:

MOISTURE: Steam is what makes the tortilla puff so making sure the masa is fully hydrated is crucial.

PRESSING: If the tortilla is too thick it won't puff. If the masa is too coarse it won't puff.

COOKING: If the comal isn't hot enough it won't puff. If it cooks too long on the first side it also won't puff. That is why flipping the tortilla immediately is important.

If it is still not puffing, giving it a gentle push with the palm of your hand It's a good way to give the tortilla a little head start.

In Mexico they say that once you can make a tortilla puff you are ready to get married.

How to warm up a tortilla

To warm the tortillas just spray with some water on both sides and place on the comal, It shouldn't take more than a minute to re-warm.

Leftover tortillas can be kept for up to 5 days in your refrigerator and 6 months in the freezer.

Before you put the tortillas away, spread them to make sure they are cool before putting them in a container (We don't want condensation to build).